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  Salt-Free Dyes (Powders / Liquids)
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Reactive Dyes Card
Shreemafix Supera 'F'Dyes
4% on Cotton Knit
f 1 Reactive Yelow 145
f 2 Reactive Orange f2 RL
f 3 Reactive Red 195
f 4 Reactive Red 196
f 5 Reactive Blackm HFGR
Shreema Salt Free Dyes
2% on Cotton
sf 1 Reactive Blue 21
sf 2 Reactive Blue 38
sf 3 Reactive Blue 71
Shreema Liquid Dyes
4% on Cotton
liq 1 Reactive Blue 21
liq 2 Reactive Blue 38
Reactive Dyes are characterised especially by a wide range of shades, brilliancy excellent wet fastness, simplie application methods and minimised consumption of energy required
for Dyeing. They are applicable on all types fo natural as well as regenedrated celluosic materials either alone or in blend with ohter fibres like wool, polyester, polmide etc. They are readly and easily soluble in water by pouring water of required temperature over htem while stirring. The fixtion of these dyes
are achieved by chemically reacting the dyestuff to the celluosic material in the presence of alikali.
Are reactive dyes of following different types.
1 Shreemactive 'H' deys (Monochlorotriazine class)
2 Shreemactive 'M' deys (Dichlorotriazine class)
3 Shreemactive 'VS' deys (B-Sulphatoethly Sulfone class)
4 Shreemactive 'HE' deys (Bismonochlorotiwzine class)
5 Shreemactive 'Supra F' deys (Mixes Bifunctional class)
Quality of Material:
The goods prepared for dyesing/printing must be free from size and efficently scoured and free from residual chlorine or peroxy compounds. The goods also must be free from alkali and wherever necessary treatment with Acetic acide should be given to prepare the doods of neural pH which will prevent premature localized fixation and improve levelling. To obtain deep and brilliant shades material should be either mercersed or causticiesd with caustic soda solution.